Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are you from?
A: I'm from Vilanova i la Geltrú, a city next to Barcelona, Spain

Q: What languages do you speak?
A: As you can see, I speak English but my native languages are Catalan and Spanish. I also know French, but i'm not very good at it.

Q: How old are you?
A: I'm 26. I'll be 27 at the end of 2021!

Q: Did you study art? Do you have a degree on fine arts?
A: I've never went to college. I have a Associate Degree in Visual Arts and Design, Illustration Major. It's a fancy name, sure, but they didn't teach me how to use a lot of tools and be a good professional in my field, but they didn't teach people how to draw.
For that case, I always learnt for myself by practicing, learning by nature, by online tutorials and even I took some nude drawing courses and some comic courses.

Q: What drawing tools do you use?
A: Pencil, paper and pen to do sketches and then I digitalize it on Procreate.
For pencil I use a blue one. Paper a sketch notebook, and for pen I really like the Tombow Fudenosuke WS-BH, but I also use Sakura Pigma Micron fineliners.
To digital I mostly use my iPad pro 11" and the program Procreate. But to make the comic layouts I use my computer with Photoshop CS6 and my basic drawing tablet, a Huion Inspiroy H640P.

Q: When did you started drawing?
A: I draw since I could hold a pencil. However, I've decided to start drawing more seriously since I was 16, and I started my Art Degree when I was 20.

Q: Do you accept commissions or requests?
A: Not for now, but I'm always okay for possible collaborations, so be free to ask!

Q: Are you really queer?
A: Yes.

Q: Why is your art mostly about the LGBT community?
A: As a queer person myself, I always felt the misrepresentation in media hindering my life, making me doubt the validity of my existence, and making me fear to be an "outcast". I've seen how the lack of representation make totally strangers feel the need to ask me very personal questions because they've never meet anyone like me. I've seen how people have an uninformed biased impression on queer people that usually ends up with queerphobic comments and attitudes.

That's why I've decided to use my skills and my reach to create actual good representation so every queer person could feel validated, represented. to make them all finally see that our existence is not a joke, or something to be ashamed for. And for the non-queer people, to help them learn more about us and deconstruct the queerphobia they may have learnt.

Q: I want to support you economically, what can I do?
A: Thank you very much! You can buy merch on my store or even become a member of my Patreon where you will get access to monthly exclusive content.
If you can't afford these, you can always read Hey, I'm Gay! on Webtoon, and even read the early episodes behind the video ad. And if you want, re-read the whole series!
If you can't, then by just sharing, liking, and commenting my work if enough, so thank you!